Single tests

For any tests not listed below, please contact the laboratory directly.


TESTCODESAMPLE TYPETATMinimum Sample Volume RequiredPrice
Alanine AminotransferaseALTSST4 hours1ml£26
AlbuminALBSST4 hours1ml£26
Alkaline PhosphotaseALPSST4 hours1ml£26
Anti-Mullerian HormoneAMHSST3 days1ml£110
Aspartate AminotransferaseASTSST4 hours1ml£26
BHCG (quantitative)HCGSST4 hours1ml£50
Bilirubin TotalBILSST4 hours1ml£26
CalciumCASST4 hours1ml£26
ChlorideCLSST4 hours1ml£26
CholesterolCHOSST4 hours1ml£26
C-Reactive ProteinCRPSST4 hours1ml£46
CreatinineCRESST4 hours1ml£26
**DHEA SulphateDHESST5 days1ml£75
EstradiolOESSST4 hours1ml£45
FerritinFERSST4 hours1ml£75
FolateFOLSST4 hours1ml£45
Free T3FT3SST4 hours1ml£45
Free T4FT4SST4 hours1ml£45
FSHFSHSST4 hours1ml£45
Gamma GlutamyltransferaseGGTSST4 hours1ml£26
GlucoseGLUFluo Ox4 hours1ml£25
High Density LipoproteinsHDLSST4 hours1ml£40
Immunoglobilin AIGASST4 hours1ml£40
Immunoglobilin GIGGSST4 hours1ml£40
Immunoglobulin MIGMSST4 hours1ml£40
IronFESST4 hours1ml£30
LHLHSST4 hours1ml£45
MagnesiumMGSST4 hours1ml£40
PhosphatePHOSST4 hours1ml£26
PotassiumKSST4 hours1ml£26
ProgesteronePRGSST4 hours1ml£45
ProlactinPRLSST4 hours1ml£45
**Sex Hormone Binding GlobulinSHBSST5 days2ml£60
SodiumNaSST4 hours1ml£26
TestosteroneTESSST4 hours1ml£45
Total ProteinTPRSST4 hours1ml£26
TransferrinTRNSST4 hours1ml£75
TriglyceridesTGSST4 hours1ml£30
TSHTSHSST4 hours1ml£45
UreaURESST4 hours1ml£30
Vitamin B12B12SST4 hours1ml£60
Vitamin DVTDSST4 hours1ml£75

Note: Sample sent to a reference laboratory denoted by **.


TESTCODESAMPLE TYPETATMinimum Sample Volume RequiredPrice
CMV AntibodiesCMVSST4 days1ml£75
Hepatitis B Core AntibodiesHBCSST4 days1ml£50
Hepatitis B ImmunityHBIMSST4 days1ml£50
Hepatitis B Surface AntigenHBGSST4 days1ml£50
Hep CHCASST4 days1ml£90
HIV 1 & 2 / p24AgHIVSST4 days1ml£50
Human Tlymphotropic virusHTLVSST4 days1ml£60
Rubella ImmunityRUBSST4 days1ml£50
Syphilis AntibodiesSYPSST4 days1ml£60
Toxoplasma AntibodiesTOXSST4 days1ml£70


TESTCODESAMPLE TYPETATMinimum Sample Volume RequiredPrice
Chlamydia trachomatisCGUFCRU5 days10ml£70
COVID-19 RNAC19Swab5 daysN/A£160
Hepatitis B Viral loadQNTSST5 days1ml£250
Hepatitis C Viral loadHCQSST5 days1ml£250
Herpes Simplex I/II (HSV)HSVSST5 days1ml£80
HIV-1 Viral loadQNTSST5 days1ml£160
Neisseria GonorrhoeaeCGUFCRU5 days10ml£70
Combined Chlamydia trachomatis & Neisseria gonorrhoeaeCGUFCRU5 days10ml£70


TESTCODESAMPLE TYPETATMinimum Sample Volume RequiredPrice
**Clotting ProfileCLPCITRATE5 days3ml£95
**Coagulation ProfileCGPCITRATE5 days3ml£75
Full Blood CountFBCEDTA4 hours3ml£45
**Haemoglobin ElectrophoresisHBEEDTA5 days3ml£90

Note: Sample sent to a reference laboratory denoted by **.


TESTCODESAMPLE TYPETATMinimum Sample Volume RequiredPrice
High vaginal swab (HVS)FGCSwab7 daysN/A£65
Semen CultureSPMSemen7 days0.5ml£45
Urine Culture & MicroscopyUCMSU7 days3ml£60
Urine Microscopy onlyUMMMSU7 days3ml£45

Note: Sample sent to a reference laboratory denoted by **.

Routine Profiles


Renal profileSodium, Potassium, Chloride, Creatinine, Urea, e-GFRUESST4 hours£50
Liver function testsAlbumin, Globulin, Total Protein, Alkaline Phosphatase, Alanine Aminotransferase,LFTSST4 hours£50
Aspartate Aminotransferase, Ɣ-Glutamyltransferase, Total Bilirubin
Bone profileCalcium, Albumin, Adjusted Calcium, Phosphate, Alkaline PhosphataseBNHSST4 hours£110
Iron status profileIron, TIBC, UIBC, Ferritin, TransferrinISPSST4 hours£85
Lipid ProfileTriglyceride, High Density Lipoproteins, non-HDL-Cholesterol, CholesterolLIPSST4 hours£50
Thyroid Profile 1TSH, FT4TF1SST4 hours£65
Thyroid Profile 2TSH, FT4, FT3TF2SST4 hours£95


Thrombotic Risk profileFBC, Coagulation profile, Antithrombin III, Factor V Leiden (common mutation), Factor II Prothrombin (common mutation), MTHFR gene (common variants), Lupus anticoagulant, Protein C, Free Protein S Ag, Anticardiolipin AbsTRPEDTA (x2), SST, Citrate (x3)5 days**£650

** Denotes that the sample is sent to a reference laboratory.


STDHIV-1 viral load, Hep B viral load, Hep C viral loadSTDEDTA, SST5 days£175

Tube Guide

Order of drawColourRecommended Tube typeClottingCentrifugation conditionsCodeInversionsTimeCoagulation
Sodium citrate, plastic3-4n/a2000-2500 g RCF for 10-15 min. at 18-25 °CSerum with clot activator (silica particles)5-660 min.1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °CSerum thrombin
SerumBD RST (serum thrombin with gel)5-65 min.≤1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °CSerumBD SST Advanc (serum with gel)630 min.
HeparinLithium & sodium heparin8-10n/aBD PSTI (plasma with gel)8-10n/a4000 g RCF for 3 min. or 2000 RCF for 4 min. or alternative centrifugation conditions are available 1300-2000 g RCF for 10 min. or 3000 g RCF for 5 min. at 18-25 °C4000 g RCF for 3 min. or alternative centrifugation conditions are available 1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °C 1300-2000 g RCF for 10 min. or alternative centrifugation conditions are available
HaematologyEDTA8-10n/a1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °CNucleic acidPAXgene DNA8-10n/a
CrossmatchBlood banking8-10n/a1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °CPPTBD PTE (EDTA with gel)8-10n/a
GlucoseGlucose8-10n/a1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °CSodium citrate, ESR, glass8-10n/an/a
CitrateACD8-10n/an/aTrace elements with EDTA8-10n/a1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °C
Trace elementsTrace elements serum with clot activator (silica particles)5.660 min.1300 g RCF for 10 min. at 18-25 °CPBMCBD GT (Sodium Citrate & Sodium Heparin)8-10n/a
PeptidesBD P8008-10n/aProteins Circulating. cell-free DNABD P1008-10n/aPAXgene Blood ccfDNA tube
Nucleic acidPAXgene Blood RNA tube8-10n/an/a

Important Mixing Guidelines

All BD Vacutainer tubes require immediate mixing following collection. Insufficient mixing can result in inaccurate test results and the need to redraw. Correct mixing technique is to gently invert (180° and back) each tube the recommended number of times shown in the Recommended inversions column.

Centrifugation acceleration and deceleration time is not included, this must be added to the time stated. For fixed-angle rotors, a longer centrifugation time may be required for the optimal development of the gel barrier.

  • Sequence for sample taking according to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI): Collection of Diagnostic Venous Blood Specimens, 7th Edition, CLSI document GP41-Ed7 (ISBN 1-56238-812-6). Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, 940 West Valley Road, Suite 1400, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087-1898 USA, 2017

  • Platelet-poor plasma (< 10,000 Plt/µL)

  • BD White Paper VS7228: Performance of BD Vacutainer® SST™ II Advance Tubes at Four and Five Minute Centrifugation Times, 2004

  • BD White Paper VS7513: Performance of BD Vacutainer® PST™ II PLUS Tubes at Four and Five Minute Centrifugation Times, 2002

Reproduced courtesy of Beckton Dickinson. All rights reserved (CSD3169, Aug 2020)

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